The HP-PD6 is suitable to press ferro-alloys, geological samples, cement raw meal, clinker, cement, ores, sinter, slag, refractory materials, ceramics and glass for X-ray diffraction analysis.

The machine ensures a high level quality and reproducibility of the sample preparation. The small size, the high level of operating safety, the simple operation and the good sound insulation satisfies the requirements for laboratory installations.

The sample in-feed is done manually in the input funnel. The operating parameters such as amount of sample, desired pressure and pressure holding time are pre-selected at the integrated touch control panel and the automatic pressing cycle is started consisting of the following steps:

  • Volumetric dosing of sample in one or several steps
  • Feeding of button shell
  • Pressing of pellet using 0 to 30 KN of pressure
  • Discharge of pressed pellet by the internal transport system
  • Cleaning of all parts which had been in contact with sample material by brushes and compressed air
  • Removal of excess material by an appropriate external dust extraction device/span
  • Receipt of empty steel ring after analysis and positioning for another pressing cycle

    The machine is totally enclosed, sound insulated and requires a minimum of operators time and maintenance. Safety switches automatically deactivate the machine in case of malfunctions during operation which are displayed on the integrated control panel.

    The machine consists of:
  • Aluminum profile frame
  • Noise insulated shell
  • Manual sample input location
  • Connection stud for de-dusting unit
  • Siemens S7 Control
  • Touch screen operator panel
  • Integrated electric and pneumatic switch cabinet
  • Output conveyor belt for pressed rings approx. 1m
  • Input conveyor belt with magazine function for rings to start the machine
  • 5 steel rings