Universal sample preparation for spectroscopic analysis: The HB 4000 abrasive belt grinding machine permits fully automatic sample preparation for spectral analysis with all its benefits. The method of operation with program-controlled grinding process offers significant improvements in the reproducibility of the sample preparation and thus accurate analysis results in less time and at lower costs.

Precision at high speed
The HB 4000 is characterized by quick and precise grinding of iron and steel samples with widely differing compositions, geometries, harnesses and temperatures up to 800 °C. A pneumatic clamping unit allows symmetrical samples with diameters of up to 60 mm to be gripped reliably and in a defined position, thus enabling high grinding capacities and shirt sample preparation times.

Combination of different grinding techniques
Roughing on the coarse belt grinding offers long service life. The fine grinding of extremely hard samples on the 200 mm wide grinding results in in higher quality, longer service life and lower abrasive costs. The width of the grinding belt enables different samples to be fine ground on several tracks – this reduces cutting material costs and time due to reduced grinding belt consumption and replacement. Pre-selectable grinding belt zones prevent cross-contamination of the samples during the preparation of different sample qualities.

The HB 4000 with its integration of the different machining methods, “Coarse Grinding” and “Fine Grinding” ensures optimum sample preparation for the analytical requirements for samples with all degrees of hardness and alloys. On steel with very low carbon contents, abrasives can leave residues in the form of minute carbon particles which lead to falsified and useless analysis results. For these samples the “Automatic Grinder and Miller HBF 4000″ is available.