Table-top machine for the manufacture of melt fusion beads for X-ray fluorescent analysis

An economic solution with a host of advantages:
  • Inexpensive
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Can be set up flexibly and easily at any location
  • Simple supply of utilities via electrical, water and compressed air connections
  • Controlled heating and cooling profile of the casting dish
  • Fully contained fusion unit with high operator safety
  • Fully controllable temperature heating and cooling profiles for the fusion of difficult materials
  • Utilises the latest high frequency heating technology to eliminate the health and safety issues surrounding the use of gas

    Simple program control
    8 programs with individual parameters sets for the fusion process. Flexible setting of melting temperature sequence up to 1300°C. Pre-selectable temperature for casting dish. Melting and cooling times can be individually set.

    Homogenisation of the melt by a program-controlled rocking movement.

    Simple sample feed and removal of fusion sample
    Put sample material (pre-weighed and mixed with the fusion agent) in a crucible (platinum/gold). Insert crucible into machine. Insert casting dish (platinum/gold) in the retainer near the crucible.

    Automatic sequence
    Automatic heating of the crucible to the set temperature by means of the HF generator. Rocking of the crucible during fusion to ensure an homogeneous and bubble-free melt. Heating up the casting dish to the preselected temperature. After the melting process and according to the preselected program the material is discharged into the casting dish (diameter 29 or 32 mm) or remains in the crucible until solid. Removable of glass beads after the set cooling time.

    Continuous process control
    Information on the status of the machine and the fusion progress by means of the display on the control desk.

    The design of the machines correspond to the current German accident prevention and VDE regulations. We reserve the right to make technical changes.