Custom made Sample Preparation for Assays and XRF Analysis.

  • Simplified combination with other machines due to modular design.
  • Building block principle allows easy application for various specific individual requirements.
  • In mining and similar operations, most sample preparation frequently includes the following repetitive steps:

    Model HP-WCSA, HP-MA and HP-PA
    Herzog’s Automatic Weighing / Crushing / Splitting Unit, Model HP- WCSA, is specifically designed for weighing, crushing and reproducible splitting large samples of various coarse ores, minerals and similar materials.

    Using the building block principle, this modular machine contains a weighing device, a sample lift, a jaw crusher, a splitter with a variable splitting ratio and internal transport systems for the final sample and the excess material. Automatic feed and discharge magazines significantly increase the sample output and manpower efficiency.

    Large coarse sample received in the laboratory are manually loaded into the sample containers of the feed magazine. The operating parameters are pre-selected at the integrated control panel and the automatic weighing, crushing and splitting cycle starts in the following sequence:
    1. Weigh incoming sample
    2. Record incoming sample weight in the control system
    3. Set applicable splitting ratio
    4. Transport sample container to feed hopper of Jaw Crusher
    5. Feed sample into jaw crusher
    6. Return empty sample container to feed position of feed magazine
    7. Crush sample
    8. Transport crushed sample to splitter
    9. Split sample into desired final sample and excess material
    10. Discharge final sample from variable ratio splitter into steel sample cup
    11. Discharge excess material into discharge magazine or external waste bin
    12. Discharge sample cup via internal transport system
    13. Return empty sample cup to rotary splitter discharge position
    This machine will always produce the predetermined final sample weight independent of the weight of the incoming sample, due to a variable splitting ratio, which is automatically adjusted depending on the weight of the incoming sample.

    The machine is totally enclosed and sound insulated. Safety switches automatically deactivate the machine in case of operational malfunctions, which are displayed at the integrated control panel.

    The machine is equipped with integrated pneumatic and electrical control cabinets and PLC controls. This allows the machine to run individually or in combination with any other modular machine.

    The modular Herzog weighing, crushing and splitting unit, Model HP-WCSA, can easily be combined with other modular HERZOG machines such as feed and discharge magazines, an automatic pulverizing mill, Model HP-MA, and where applicable with an automatic pellet press, Model HP-PA, or an automatic fusion machine.

    Due to the building block principle used in the design of these units, a series of tailor made modular HERZOG machines is available to suit individual requirements such as:
  • HP-WCCSA: Automatic weighing, 2 – stage crushing, splitting
  • HP-WCSA: Automatic weighing, crushing and splitting
  • HP-CSA: Automatic crushing and splitting
  • HP-WSA: Automatic weighing and splitting