Effective solution for the splitting of coarse ores, minerals and similar materials.

The fully automatic sample splitter HP-S is designed for the representative splitting of dry and free floating analytical samples in powder form.

The sample material is manually put into the filling hopper on top of the machine and the desired splitting ratio is pre-selected at the operator terminal. The integrated vibrating feeder guarantees a continuous feed rate of sample material.

The splitting takes place in a rotary splitter. The rotating tube passes a slot at the outer housing periphery and delivers a portion of the sample to the sample collection cup. The rotating speed of the tube can be pre-selected according to the particle size and floating characteristics of the sample material.

The sample cup is taken manually from the splitter and the sample is ready for the next preparation step. For these steps the automatic pulveriser model HP-MA, the automatic tablet press model HP-PA and the fusion machines HAG-G or HAG-S can be used. The output of the reject material takes place into a plastic bottle via the lower outlet hopper of the splitter housing.

After each splitting cycle the automatic sample splitter is cleaned by means of compressed air. The dust has to be removed by an external dedusting unit.

The sequence is controlled by a PLC. All relevant parameters can be pre-selected at the operator terminal.

The HP-S is completely closed, noise isolated and has safety switches to protect the operator. The dust and noise emission has been reduced to a minimum whereby the safety standards have been improved. All functional modules are integrated in the machine housing and can easily been reached through doors.

The design of the machines correspond to the current German accident prevention and VDE regulations. We reserve the right to make technical changes.