Prep-Master is a sample control system for sample taking, sample transport, sample preparation and sample analysis. HERZOG Prep-Master systems are employed in many sectors of the raw materials industry. The graphical user interface provides a quick overview of the state and the utilization of the system, and ease of use of the entire automatic system.

The features of the Prepmaster system are:
  • IBM compatible PC platform running under WIN XP
  • Dynamic display of laboratory and pneumatic transport operating conditions, as well as active samples
  • Management of individual samples (priority, machine parameters, etc.)
  • Reporting and archiving of laboratory alarms, messages, and events
  • Broadcasting of laboratory activity to remote terminals
  • Play-back function allows recreation of past laboratory conditions, including sample tracking and alarm broadcast
  • Standard communication and mechanical interface to analytical instruments
  • Communication to customer’s level II system via ethernet
  • Can be offered in a dual configuration for redundancy

    Result-master is a separate IT system for storage, visualization and analysis of information of the sample analysis process. The system allows a quick and target-oriented control and modification of the quality control process. Due to the universal program architecture and the modern ASP.NET web technology, Result-master can be individually adjusted to the specific requirements of each customer.

    Main functions of Result-Master are:
  • Data Acquisition: The import manager of Result-master provides multiple interfaces to all types of analysers. The interface configuration can be easily adjusted and extended. In addition, the user can enter data online from every access point of the laboratory.

  • Data Preparation: Following data acquisition the results are filtered by pattern, converted into the specific customised laboratory format and transferred into the database structure. If necessary, the data values can be recalculated using an algorithm and joined to an existing or new table.

  • Data Management: Data management is under control of an integrated relational database for storage and organization of data. The database structure is completely disclosed and accessible for the administrator.

  • Data Presentation: The edited data are simultaneously displayed in any number of web clients. The software is protected by passwords and regulated by access rights. The communication to the Web Server uses TCP/IP protocols and can be encrypt by SSL. If there is a connection to Prep-master, Result-master also provides information about the sample preparation.

  • Data Analysis: Result-master provides functions for sorting, filtering and grouping data as well as applying statistics. The selected results can be displayed using different diagram types.

  • Data Distribution: Result-master exports data to the user or specific IT systems of the customer. Therefore, Result-master provides multiple interfaces, export algorithms and direct access to the database of the customer. All results can be easily outlined by the report function of Result-master.