Since their introduction, HERZOG fully automatic container laboratories have become a high-technology standard item of equipment in many areas of process analysis, and thus make a substantial contribution towards quality assurance of analysis and production results.

HERZOG container laboratories are employed in many sectors of the raw materials industry (e.g. in steelmaking, foundries, cement works, in the manufacture and processing of non-ferrous metals, and in the manufacture of mineral substances).

All laboratory apparatus, from the sample preparation equipment to the analysis systems, is housed in a robust, insulated and weatherproof container. Standard systems are employed both for sample preparation and for analysis. The individual items of equipment are linked by the HERZOG Prep-Master sample control system. The requisite auxiliary systems, such as electrical cabling, dust exhaust, computer networks, etc., are installed at the factory, enabling the container laboratory to be put into service on-site by the customer in a matter of hours.

Laboratory equipment employed:
HERZOG co-operates with all major manufacturers of spectral analysis equipment throughout the world. The equipment is designed in conjunction with the customer and integrated into the laboratory automation system as a whole according to customer requirements.

Description of the container:
The container itself is assembled from patented standard modules for the side walls, floor and ceiling. Weatherproof materials with high insulating characteristics are employed. All steel elements are hot-dip galvanized. The complete cabin has vibration damping, and the analysers and sample preparation equipment are decoupled. The container laboratory can be equipped with an air-conditioning system if required.

  • Considerable reduction in processing times thanks to analysis in close proximity to the process
  • Turnkey system
  • No constructional measures required on-site
  • Flexibility for future changes in plant operations
  • Extremely straightforward operation by staff in the plant
  • High availability