The HERZOG auto-potting system is for automatic encapsulating mineralogical samples in resin for preparation and analysis by electron microscopy applications (e.g. QemScan and MLA). Our systems for the automatic embedding of samples for later examination using an electron microscope are unique. Complete automation guarantees the highest sample quality.

Effective homogenization of resin and sample
The system automatically adds resin and hardener into a sample cup, adds the sample, then adds more resin and hardener and homogenizes the sample into the resin by stirring action.

Combination of various program parameters
This process is repeated automatically to make up a batch of 12 samples in a carousel. The machine automatically transfers the entire carousel into one of five pressure/vacuum/heating chambers where, depending on the software program selected, the sample is subjected to vacuum, pressure and/or temperature for a selected pre-programmed period of time.

Optimal preparation for grinding and polishing
Once the sample carousel is complete it is transferred to an output position where the operator can remove the carousel and place it into a grinding and polishing machine. It is also possible to label samples and back fill with resin, prior to ejecting the sample.